American Culture UK TESOL Kids is a 150+ hours fully accredited certificate programme, that is specifically designed for children. Through this programme, you will study the four basic components (Child Development, Language Awareness, Teaching ESL to Kids, Lesson Planning) of the TESOL programme, while at the same time gaining invaluable knowledge and skills which will prepare you to competently work with young learners

Thanks to high-quality academic content rated by employers, we provide a perfect setting for your career in teaching English to children anywhere in the world also in Turkey.

Entry Requirements

- To have completed education to at least Associate Degree level
- All non-native speakers should have level B1 English

Who is this course suitable for?

- Qualified English teachers who want to refresh their knowledge and abilities
- Those who do not have a background in teaching but want to teach English to children
- Those who already work in education and want to certificate their experience and knowledge


Due to the comprehensive curriculum that is outlined below, our graduates grasp the TESOL Theory and Methodology, and have the skills and abilities to teach a second language.


In this unit, you will learn about the acquisition of first and second languages in children, the normal stages of development in children, and the characteristics of young learners.

Module 1: First Language Acquisition
Module 2: Second Language Acquisition
Module 3: Childhood Development
Module 4: Characteristics of Young Learners


In this unit, you will refresh your knowledge of English grammar, learn about pronunciation and lexis and learn techniques for teaching these in the classroom.

Module 1: Grammar Awareness
Module 2: Grammar
Module 3: Lexis
Module 4: Pronunciation


In this unit, you will learn a range of key teaching skills, as well as specific strategies for teaching young learners.

Module 1: Teaching ESL to Young Learners
Module 2: Listening & Speaking Skills for Very Young Learners
Module 3: Receptive Skills
Module 4: Productive Skills
Module 5: Error
Module 6: Classroom Management


In this unit, you will learn about visual aids and technology for the classroom, and how to prepare effective lesson plans.

Module 1: Visual Aids & Classroom Technology
Module 2: Lesson Planning


TESOL, following a high academic quality 150+ hours fully accredited learning that will help your “English Teaching” career across the globe and will provide you with a certificate that is very credible amongst employers. Targeted at those who want to learn to teach English as a foreign language. This course is accredited by OXFORD LTD (Ref: 11424452). Graduates will receive two certificates which are accredited by OXFORD LTD.

TESOL Kids Certificate
TESOL Teacher Practice Certificate

” TESOL guides you to check this information from the consulate or embassy of the country where you plan to work. The website is recommended for reference information. ”